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      Washington DC Bohemian Wedding Photographer

      Your love story is unique and it’s not fair to approach your engagement photos in the same way as another couple’s. It should be about so much more than pretty poses in pretty outfits in front of famous landmarks. It should be an adventure worth remembering, one of a kind just like you two.

      So here are some tips to make your engagement session feel and look different from all the cookie cutter stuff out there:

      • Go on an adventure! Take a trip somewhere on your bucket list. Wake up before the sun and go see a sunrise somewhere new. Exploring  someplace new will bring out the emotions that cannot be posed. Ask your photographer to take you off the beaten path and I guarantee you that it will put you on a different frequency and add a new dimension to your photos.

      Arches National Park Adventure Engagement Session-34

      Hawaii Elopement Photographer -19

      • Embrace the elements. Go running in the wind, go make out in the rain, throw away that umbrella! Get in the water, roll around in the grass, climb some trees! If it’s cold outside, your love will embrace you that much tighter and looking back at those photos you will feel that embrace all over again.

      Oahu Adventure Engagement Session Hawaii-120


      • Don’t be afraid of the dark. Sometime nighttime photos are even more magical that those captured during the golden hour. Take that risk and be different.
      • Make it all about you! Anyone can accessorize with flowers and Pinterest is filled with those images. But to make your photos unique you need to dig deeper and let your personality shine. Have a retro picnic with your record player, go on a biking adventure, bring out your surf board!

      Hippie Picnic Engagement Session Washington DC

      Petworth Biking Engagement Session Washington DC-24


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