After spending five minutes in a room with Qifei and Mollie, anyone would start believing not only in true love, but also in magic and unicorns.


      These two are so perfect for each other and they simply radiate bliss.


      You see in in simple things, like Mollie remembering the exact eye shadow and perfume that Qifei wore on their first date in a Jazz club.


      You hear it in their stories, like when Qifei agreed to go on a camping trip despite her fear of bugs and found out that the trip was a surprise proposal getaway at a luxury inn, but only after she packed her bear spray and drove the entire length of Skyline Drive.


      You notice it in the small details, like the design of Qifei’s engagement ring – custom rose-gold shield shaped ring with lots of engraving and millwork, representing the two female forms, forever embraced.

      We picked whimsical Christmas theme for their engagement session and somewhere amidst decorating a gingerbread house, drinking hot cocoa and slow dancing in the living room, magic made it’s appearance.


      It was definitely an unforgettable evening

      So happy to be their photographer and can’t wait for their wedding next June!



      These are beautiful! I really love the detail shots!

      Thank you! They got really into designing this shoot!

      OMGosh these are so adorable! Absolutely love them!!

      Thank you! I think I am in love with them as well! I normally do outdoor engagement sessions, but this one might be my new favorite!